2014 Prescott House Alumni Golf Tournament and BBQ

The time is near for another great Prescott House Alumni Golf Tournament and BBQ. This year’s golf tournament and BBQ will be on  Saturday, July 19th.  Like always, the golf tournament and BBQ will be the same weekend as Prescott’s Shoestring Roundup.

Antelope Hills Golf Course

Antelope Hills Golf Course

This year’s golf tournament will be at Antelope Hills Golf Course.  Alumni and current clients will be paired in teams of four.  Teams are chosen randomly and skilled evenly.  Each team will be playing “best ball” so even if you are not a big golfer… no worries, it is definitely a low-stress outing.  The cost of golfing will be $53.00 per person (includes breakfast and range balls). Payment must be received by the Prescott House prior to tee off (check-in at Antelope Hills is 7:00 am).

The BBQ will kick off once the golf tournament is finished (approximately around 1:00 pm).   Guests of alumni are welcome to attend the on-site BBQ.

If you are a Prescott House Alumni and are interested in attending this year’s golf tournament and/or BBQ, please register below:


Registration is now closed.



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