2019 New Year’s Resolutions, Results & Rewards

Welcome to 2019. Past New Year’s have brought us excitement/disappointment around our achievements, pride/gloom from our determination, and fulfillment/failure due to expectation, 2019 is no different. Let’s set ourselves up for success whether or not everything works out the way we imagined by 2020.

Welcome to resolutions results and rewards

Turn Resolutions into Achievements

While many use resolutions as a way to self-assess shortcomings and flaws, we can also utilize them as a way to set positive goals that aren’t derived from a negative perception. Find something you want to accomplish rather than something you want to change. Keep the excitement while attempting to achieve this goal.

Unable to complete it the first try?

Thwart disappointment by staying determined and go after it again.

Results Come from Determination

Our culture is driven by results. Through hard work and determination, we can accomplish nearly anything we set our minds to. Pride can provide perseverance, especially through difficult times. Put pride in yourself and the work you are doing.

Finding it hard to keep pushing?

Fight the doom and gloom by reflecting on your determination and find fullfilment from what you’ve accomplished thus far.

Reward Yourself when You Meet Expectations

Setting up a healthy reward system instils fulfillment while realizing our expectations.
Try separating a task into stages and applying a healthy reward after each stage. This promotes encouragement which is needed to complete our goals.

How do I set myself up for success?

Realize that not completing a goal, doesn’t mean it was a failure. Use these times to learn from mistakes and grow from the experience.

Here’s to a sober, healthy and fulfilling 2019. Happy New Year.

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