Did YOU Find RECOVERY? 5 Ways Prescott House Can Help

#5 FREE Insurance Verification

Prescott House is an out-of-network provider that attempts to work with all insurance for addiction and mental health treatment. We are able to verify insurance benefits within 24 hours.

#4 QUICK Online Assessments

Assessments help to understand the extent of one’s addiction and/or dependence to alcohol, drugs, and compulsive behaviors. Prescott House has developed 6 separate quick assessments.

#3 VAST Referral Network

Prescott House keeps in close contact with primary treatment centers to help facilitate transfers to and from our facility. This process ensures communication and establishes trust.

#2 EXPERT Medication Management

During the initial phase of our program, we work towards stabilization. An appointment is scheduled with our Medical Director to ensure the correct approach to medication is utilized.

#1 RESIDENTIAL Treatment Program

Established in 1988, Prescott House has earned a reputation for success. Offering individuals a positive environment and the time needed to heal increases the possibility for long-term sobriety.

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