Admissions Team

Graduates Who Know the Program

Our Admissions Team is lead by two alumni who know all facets of the program from intake to graduation. Having each individual’s best interest in mind during this difficult time, Michael McInnes, Chris Cox, and Tim Scanlan work with families, referring treatment centers and individuals to find a solution that assists men to have the opportunity at a clean and sober future. These men and their personal treatment success at Prescott House is shown in their belief of our program.

Tim Scanlan | Chris Cox | Mike McInnes

Admissions Team

(866) 425-4673

Tim Scanlan

Tim found his passion in helping men recover from addiction and is an active member of the AA community in Prescott and is currently working towards a Master’s degree in Human Behavior.

Chris Cox

Chris applies his knowledge of recovery to promote a life of fulfillment and happiness into others.

Michael McInnes | MBA

Michael is the point of contact in regards to new arrivals, referring clinicians and insurance inquiries. Michael is a former Marine as well as Thunderbird, International School of Business MBA graduate.

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