Common Signs Of The Functioning Addict – Video Transcript

“In our last video, we discussed what to do if you or someone you know is affected by addiction or mental health issues. In this video, we’d like to discuss what to do if you’re the person directly affected by these issues and are considering treatment.”

“This is Matt Miller he’s a primary therapist here at the Prescott House. Matt, you’ve seen a lot of patients over the years that you’ve worked here there’s not like a common situation but if you had to say what a patient’s life looks like, that you see typically when they get here, what would that look like.” -Geoff Patterson

“Well you know nobody likes to ask for help and you know people struggle in many different ways. You know some people struggle quietly and you may not know that they’re an alcoholic.” – Matt Miller

“Sure.” – Geoff Patterson

“…some people they’re very obvious about it and so obviously once people get here you know we can help them sort through all that and determine you know what the powerlessness and unmanageability looked like in their lives.” – Matt Miller

“Okay, so some people are a wreck and some people are just suffering on the inside and falling apart.” – Geoff Patterson

“Yeah, they might look okay on the outside but you’ll see maybe that there are some issues in their relationship with their wife or their kids, they’re distant. Maybe they’re doing good at work but they’re not doing so hot at home.” – Matt Miller

“Sure.” – Geoff Patterson

“They’re not doing so hot in other aspects of life.” – Matt Miller

“And sometimes it’s all a wreck?” – Geoff Patterson

“Right, exactly and sometimes it’s all a wreck with this person” – Matt Miller

“Thanks, Matt.”” – Geoff Patterson

“Seven years ago my life was completely falling apart. I was at a crossroads and I had to make a decision; whether I wanted to live or whether I wanted to die. I packed up and moved from Oklahoma to Prescott, Arizona because I had to break the cycle that I was in. Make that decision today too. Give us a call we’ll get you any resources that you need.” -Geoff Patterson

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