Eating Disorder Self-Awareness Test

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The Eating Disorder Self-Awareness Test allows individuals along with a licensed trained professional to develop an understanding of the extent of ones eating disorder and compulsive behaviors.

“The best preparation for tomorrow is doing your best today.” – H. Jackson Brown, Jr.

Complete the test by responding to each statement by checking “Yes” or “No” to each of the 13 items.

    1. Others say that I look skinny or in shape, however I believe that I am overweight.YesNo

    2. If I were skinnier, my self-esteem would be higher. YesNo

    3. I am constantly counting calories, controling my portions, and analyzing what I eat.YesNo

    4. Eating alone is more comfortable for me than eating with friends and family.YesNo

    5. Unless I exercise routinely, I get sad and anxious.YesNo

    6. My exercising is hardcore and averages about an hour a day.YesNo

    7. Once I begin eating, I do not want to stop.YesNo

    8. I stress when I stuff myself. In order to make up for the overeating by purging, over exercising or forgoing meals.YesNo

    9. Some of my friends and family have commented regarding my eating issues.YesNo

    10. Food is fulfilling in a way that my connections in life are not.YesNo

    11. I have a secretive life that I keep with eating and includes some obsessive routines. YesNo

    12. Purgatives(laxatives) allow me to feel better when I eat too much.YesNo

    13. My binging and purging occurs 2+ times per week.YesNo

    *Submission of this assessment does not qualify nor exclude you from our Eating Disorder Program. This is provided as a preliminary screening to assess the extent of current and past Eating Disorders.

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