Evidence-Based Treatment at Prescott House Promotes Recovery

Why Is Evidence-Based Care Most Effective?

Addiction and mental health issues, do not discriminate. Abusing drugs and alcohol, acting out on compulsive behaviors or living with a co-occurring disorder, can place men in situations where they may feel hopeless and lost.Evidence dictionary definition Due to the self-destructive nature of these issues, Prescott House has been utilizing an Evidence-Based approach for over 25 years, to treat men on a case-by-case basis.

Evidence-Based treatment is derived from our clinical staff of licensed therapists who collaborate weekly on client results during recovery. This data and findings are critiqued in a group staff setting with our Executive Director, Clinical Director and Licensed Therapists. This discussion shares information on how individuals are uniquely reacting to treatment methods, how circumstantial events have promoted positive and negative outcomes, and what current tendencies towards individualized sessions are. This process promotes treatments and therapies that are proving to be successful, while also eliminating those that are not seeing the best results.

With this accumulated knowledge, our therapists are able to adapt treatment plans to each individual, to maximize effectiveness. This gives each man at the Prescott House the best chance to succeed in recovery. Our proven track record with reintegrating men into the community has given us the reputation of Restoring Men’s Lives.

Evolving With The Evidence

Prescott House acknowledges that drug/alcohol treatment and mental health care is constantly evolving and requires this systematic approach to adapt to the unpredictable nature of individuals in recovery.

Standards of evidence criteria for efficacy effectiveness disseminstion
Standards of Evidence

In order to understand the productiveness of treatment, the Society for Prevention Research has provided a set of shared standards to measure the success of treatment in a workbook called, Standards of Evidence – CRITERIA FOR EFFICACY, EFFECTIVENESS AND DISSEMINATION.

The implementation of these follow up checks and balances allows for our clinical staff to have consistent evaluation of the effectiveness of treatment. At Prescott House, our approach to total-body wellness is what sets us apart from other programs. Continuing to evolve our mental health services, therapeutic treatment and the approach to holistic treatment of the condition. Overall, Prescott House finds the cause of the problem within each individual and develops a specific approach to treat it at its source rather than just hiding the symptoms from view.

The Prescott House clinical staff is constantly striving to improve the level of excellence through careful placement of qualified individuals. Our therapeutic model is community-based, utilizing group therapy, family-of-origin therapy, and advanced educational groups in addition to more traditional therapies.

Contact Us For Life-Changing Results

While many recovery programs place primary emphasis on altering the destructive behaviors of persons struggling with substance abuse and addiction, Prescott House recognizes that this approach alone isn’t enough to support long-term sobriety.

Prescott House focuses on treating and healing the whole person; helping them identify the underlying source of their self-destructive habits and behaviors. Once the source of the addictions and destructive behavior is identified, the appropriate rehabilitation program is formulated and put into practice. The systemic and therapeutic approach is what has proven our success. Reach out to us for life-changing results for yourself or a loved one.

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