Explaining the Language of Addiction

Understanding from the Start of Recovery

Addiction is a complicated issue. It is usually really hard for a person in the midst of addiction to acknowledge that he has a problem. And it’s often tough for an addicted person’s family and friends to understand how the person became addicted in the first place, or why he no longer acts like himself, or why he can’t simply quit the addiction. And when the person does seek treatment, sometimes it can be difficult for him to get comfortable with the recovery process and to understand everything that he’s being asked to do as he is working to turn his life around.

Explaining Addiction Terms

At Prescott House, our therapists and other staff understand that, even though some of us have been working in the addiction recovery industry for years and years, for a client the experience is new. We realize that the process of seeking and enduring recovery from a drug addiction, alcoholism, sex addiction, or a gambling addiction can be daunting. And we do what we can to reduce or remove the obstacles that stand between an individual and his recovery – including making sure that we’re not talking over his head. Like any industry, the recovery field is full of jargon and acronyms. We’re setting out here to define some of those terms that you may have heard but don’t fully understand.

First Phrase We Address: Dual Diagnosis


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