How You Enroll

Getting Started

We understand how important it is to get the correct information in a timely matter during this time of need. To expedite the process, we have set up multiple ways of contacting us.

Admissions Team

(866) 425-4673

Be sure to call anytime 1-866-425-4673 to speak directly with our admissions team coordinator, Jim Coombs

Email him directly

We also have the following web forms; Contact Request, Admission Application, and Insurance Verification as ways of submitting information and having us reach out to you.

Contact Request

Speaking to our Admissions department gets you in direct contact with a Prescott House Alumni. Please use this contact form and either Zach L or Mike Mc will contact you directly…Fill Out Our Contact Request

Insurance Verification

We accept all forms of payment and insurance policies or in combination. Have us contact your insurance provider for a summary of benefits that can give us an idea of how much coverage you will have with our program…Submit Your Insurance Information for Verification

Admission Application

Completing our online application is the important first step for any individual planning on entering the rehabilitation program. The application can be completed by the future client himself (preferred method), or by a family member. Information collected throughout the application process is strictly confidential and is meant to aid our clinical staff in creating an initial individualized recovery plan. Please provide a thourough amount of information, as it required prior to on-site admittance…Fill Out Our Online Application

Transport Options & What to Bring

Whether coming from Out-of-State, Internationally or within the state of Arizona, we can accommodate various ways of transportation. Be sure to review this section as it provides the common itinerary for incoming individuals…Review Our Incoming Checklist


Review Our Frequently Asked Questions…read more

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