Internet Pornography

Compulsive Sexual Behavior

The Internet is an extraordinary portal that puts countless amounts of information and content in anyone’s hands. With a click of a button, the world is at your fingertips. Unfortunately, this open access to all forms of content that the internet has afforded us has led to increases in sexual compulsive behaviors and abuse. This is especially true of internet pornography addiction. Internet pornography addiction falls under the category of behavioral addiction due to repeated use and viewership of cyber pornographic material. Often times, this leads to other compulsions and addictions such as cyber-sex addiction. This compulsive sexual behavior often leads to negative social, physical, financial and personal situations. An addiction to internet pornography is most commonly correlated directly to the issue of Sex Addiction in general. Because of this, treatment often falls under the overarching issue of sex addiction where addiction to pornography is then dealt with directly through therapy.

Adult Webcams

Adult internet voyeuring has become its own form of addiction as several websites stream live amateur webcam girls, guys and couples generally showing nude performances and sexual acts. This has also established a new line of sex work accessible to anyone with a computer, camera and the desire to go live.

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Using these live shows as an outlet for sexual compulsive behaviors can also lead to an ongoing relationship with the person on the other side of the screen. While some may view this differently from an in-person physical cheating, partners can feel that emotional infidelity is just as detrimental as these continued connections are usually kept a secret from a partner…read more

Affecting Relationships

There are thousands of individuals who suspect there is trouble in their relationship but can not quite specify where the problem lies. Questions of infidelity and a lack of intimacy are often concerns that will arise. However, there are certain persistent behaviors that can indicate that there is a larger issue at hand. Signs of sexual compulsivity and addiction to pornography can include a lack of social motivation, a lack of sexual interest in a relationship or non-responsive reactions to sexual acts, changes in sexual preferences, excessive time spent on the internet, financial loss or increased spending for paid pornography services, and defensive communication when approaching the subject. If these signs are prevalent and if you or someone you know is being deeply affected by this addiction in everyday life, it is important to seek treatment.

Internet Pornography Addiction and Successful Treatment

Sex addiction and its subcategories, such as Internet pornography addiction are understandably a sensitive subject for those afflicted by the behaviors associated with them. For those trying to work through the addiction, approaching a treatment solution can be made easy by becoming informed and finding the right facility. As with any other addiction, finding treatment for behaviors associated with internet pornography is imperative to improve one’s quality of life. The initial steps to one’s recovery should be taken in order to begin the process of recovery. Sit down with your loved one, discuss your concerns, and be open and honest when speaking about this highly personal issue. Roughly 75 to 85 percent of online porn browsers are male and at Prescott House, we understand the effects that this can have on a man’s personal and social relationships. We emphasize the importance of personalized therapy and pride ourselves on being a male-only facility that specializes in long-term treatment.

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