Monitoring Stress Throughout the Treatment Process

Leave The Stress Behind

Going into any type of drug and alcohol treatment center can bring up all sorts of stress and fears. Admitting that you need help because you are powerless over drugs or alcohol is difficult enough. If you’ve made the decision get treatment, you’ve already made an incredible first step that many people don’t have the opportunity to make. While you’re in treatment, you may experience high amounts of stress thinking about your life back home. This can include your spouse, job, bills, family, and friends. It’s important that your stress is monitored regularly to ensure that you’re in the right state of mind to fully engage in treatment.

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Freedom From Addiction Stress

Understanding that You’re in the Best Place Possible

Although addiction is a disease that makes a person selfish and self-centered, many suffering from addiction are loving and caring individuals. It’s completely normal to worry about how everything is going back home. If you have a family, ensuring that they’re taken care of while you’re in treatment may be a concern. If you have a career, you may be concerned about how your job or the business will run without you. The most important thing to remember while you’re in treatment is that you’re in the best place possible. Your recovery needs to stay your top priority because mental and physical health is top priority.

Monitoring Stress Through Therapy

Within the first week of treatment, a psychiatrist and doctor will meet with you to address symptoms of mental illness or physical ailments that can potentially add to stress. During your stay at the Prescott House, you’ll be assigned a primary therapist who is there to not only monitor your progress throughout treatment but to guide you in dealing with different situations in a healthy way. Many people continue to suffer from addiction because of resentments, fears, and the inability to live life on their own terms.

Your therapist will be there to guide you through the stages of recovery. During recovery, the best way to stay clean and sober is to replace old behaviors with new healthier ones. This means much more than simply abstaining from alcohol or drugs. Those who manage to gain a new perspective on life, and are able to handle situations in a healthy way, will be able to stay sober for years to come. This is one of the goals of the recovery process.

Group Therapy and Other Treatment Methods

At Prescott House, you’ll be attending group therapy as well as 12-step meetings. Group therapy is a great way to see that you’re not alone in your troubles. You’ll see that there are others struggling who have felt the same way. During group therapy, you’ll hear stories from others looking to recover and share your experiences. This is the foundation on which Alcoholics Anonymous was founded. One alcoholic or addict helping another is one of the best forms of therapy. You’ll also be attending 12-step meetings in the community. There, you’ll be able to hear from people who have been sober for a long time. They can help offer you suggestions on managing stress levels with their experience.

Treatment isn’t just about getting sober. The Prescott House wants to give you tools and techniques to help you stay sober. You’ll learn about how yoga, meditation, and other activities are great ways to relieve stress. These are methods you can take home with you once you discharge. As long as you’re monitoring and managing your stress throughout treatment, you’ll be able to gain all of the benefits that the Prescott House has to offer.

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