Prescott House Has Obtained Joint Commission (JCAHO) Accreditation

Meeting & Exceeding Industry Standards

Joint Commission evaluates health care providers based on criteria developed to survey and advance the quality standards for organizations. The focal points during the evaluation process identify significant operational point of care procedures to ensure the highest quality of care and safety is provided. The implementation of these standards involves thorough consultation and discussion between medical industry professionals, clinical providers, topic experts, clients, and political bureaus. Knowledge is obtained through industry expertise, research, and science. This accumulated data is then surveyed for approval by way of the Board of Commissioners.

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Effective date of accreditation was established on February 6th, 2018.

Prescott House | Summary of Quality Information

Code Specifications Process:

    Source: Facts about Joint Commission standards

  • Emerging quality and safety issues suggesting the need for additional or modified requirements are identified through the scientific literature or discussions with The Joint Commission’s standing committees and advisory groups, accredited organizations, professional associations, consumer groups or others.
  • The Joint Commission prepares draft standards using input from technical advisory panels, focus groups, experts and other stakeholders.
  • The draft standards are distributed nationally for review and made available for comment on the Standards Field Review page of The Joint Commission website.
  • After any necessary revisions, standards are reviewed and approved by executive leadership.
  • The survey process is enhanced, as needed, to address the new standards requirements, and pilot testing of the survey process is conducted.
  • Surveyors are educated about how to assess compliance with the new standards.
  • The approved standards are published for use by the field.
  • Once a standard is in effect, ongoing feedback is sought for the purpose of continuous improvement.

Available Behavioral Health Care Services:

  • Addiction Care
  • Addiction Care (Non-detox – Adult )
  • Behavioral Health (Day Programs – Adult )
  • Behavioral Health (Residential Care – Adult )
  • Behavioral Health (Partial – Adult )
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