Preventing Addiction Relapse After Recovery

Staying Sober

It’s often said that it’s much easier to get sober than it is to stay sober. Addiction is an extremely powerful disease, and it takes an ongoing effort to prevent relapse. While there are some treatment centers around the country that claim they’ve found a cure for addiction, here at Prescott House, we know that there is no known cure. That being said, it is possible to recover and stay sober. From the moment you enter the treatment facility, we’ll be working with you to plan a safe discharge while also providing you with tools to help you prevent relapse when you return home.

Working towards relapse prevention
Gain the Strength to Prevent Relapse

Treatment and Therapy

When you first arrive at Prescott House, you’ll be meeting with a psychiatrist as well as a doctor within your first week. It’s important to ensure that you’re assessed mentally and physically because any type of mental illness or physical ailments may require that you have a specialized treatment plan.

Prescott House will also be assigning you a personal therapist who you will work with for an hour a week. They will also be available for additional meetings as needed. With your therapist, you’ll be able to talk freely about what you’ll be returning to back home after treatment. You’ll be given suggestions as to how to deal with specific triggers without relapse. The group therapy aspect is important as well. You will gain peer support from others who are recovering from their addiction, which is what 12-step programs are all about.

Preventing Relapse after Discharge

Prescott House believes in the 12-step programs of recovery. These 12-step meetings are located in almost every city throughout the country. By getting into the habit of going to 12-step meetings while you’re in treatment, it will be an easy transition when you go back home. Continuing to go to 12-step meetings once you discharge is one of the best ways to stay sober because you’ll build a support group. You’ll have a sponsor who is there to provide you with additional support as well as walk you through the 12 steps.

When you leave Prescott House, you’ll have a solid foundation of knowledge and tools to help you prevent relapse. Along with your discharge plan, we may encourage you to continue some sort of aftercare therapy so you continue to get the treatment that you need. It may also be a good idea to move into a sober living home for a while if your home isn’t a safe place for your early recovery. Once you feel comfortable in your sobriety, you’ll be able to transition back into a regular life where you can live happy, joyous, and free.

Prescott House is here to provide you with the care you deserve with a variety of different ways to prevent relapse. Our goal is to help you build the confidence that you never feel the need to drink or use again. The only thing that you must remember is that although we provide you with resources and tools, it will be up to you to put them to practical use once you leave. Those who continue to work on their recovery will live empowered lives beyond what they could have ever imagined.

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