Surviving NNN – Redditors Create NoFap Compulsive Masturbation Pact

What is NNN? 

An acronym for No Nut November, NNN is an internet phenomenon based around Reddit users supporting each other to abstain from masturbation and sex for the entire month of November.

How are Users Finding Support?

Young and adult men alike are turning to online forums and support groups, namely sub-Reddit, NoFap for insight and motivation to abstain from not just porn but more importantly masturbation, which can be compulsive and addictive, leading to the need for pornography to become stimulated.

What is r/NoFap?

The NoFap subreddit describes itself as; Porn Addiction and Compulsive Sexual Behavior Peer Support Forum. With over one million users discussing the effects of masturbation and pornography, the internal support group helps each other overcome their obsession with porn and masturbation. 

Redditor nofap nnn streak displayed

A Redditor thanks another member from NoFap for the inspiration and displays how many days in a row they have not masturbated.

What does Fap mean? 

Fap is derived from a Japanese comic panel that used “FAP FAP FAP” to illustrate the sound of masturbation. It is now a known slang verb amongst internet chat and forums 

What is PMO?

Nnn no fap porn masturbation orgasm

PMO is what is considered the Fap cycle which is a detriment to the NoFap user’s lives. 

Porn, Masturbation, Orgasm

Porn can exist without Masturbation or Orgasm, however, Porn is known as a catalyst due to its highly addictive and compulsive elements.

Masturbation can exist without Porn or Orgasm, however, Masturbation is known to develop a necessity for stimulating visual content, namely Pornography.

Orgasm can exist without Porn or Masturbation, however, Orgasm without intimacy can develop a need and obsession over the next Orgasm, sometimes leading to compulsive masturbation.

This cycle becomes obsessive, and compulsive,  becoming a distracting and unhealthy replacement to sex and intimacy.

Your Brain on Porn

Pornography; once a taboo subject relegated to adult video arcades, peep shows and seedy VHS rental stores; has since evolved as technology has placed visual devices in nearly every aspect of our lives. Whether it’s through television, tablets, computers, or cell phones, Porn is delivered with instant access. The world is known to be preoccupied with Porn, “35% of all internet downloads are related to pornography”, according to Webroot’s article titled; Internet Pornography by the Numbers; A Significant Threat to Society.

Redditor nofap avoid phone relapse

A Redditor gives advice on how not using a phone leads to better control over porn and masturbation.

Habit forming with the risk of psychological effects, online pornography triggers pleasure sensors and releases dopamine which activates the human reward system. Upon repeated use, pornography becomes more of a need than a desire due to the stimulation provided.

Negative Effects of Porn

Objectification- read more in our blog: Objectification & Its Relationship With Sex Addiction

Isolation – becoming afraid of establishing relationships due to the obsession with Porn and masturbation.

Lack of Intimacy – healthy sexuality is removed and true emotional bonds are difficult to maintain.

Co-Occurrence – misusing Porn can lead to other concurrent addictions like; substance abuse, an eating disorder, or gambling.

PIED – Porn-Induced Erectile Dysfunction

What is PIED?

PIED (Porn-Induced Erectile Dysfunction) – mental and physical desensitization to sexual arousal caused by exposure to pornography.

Sexual Compulsion isn’t Hypersexual

taken from our blog titled The Sexually Compulsive Virgin

Sexual compulsivity doesn’t always mean hypersexual. Do you or does someone you know view pornography more than you’d like, or find it hard to stay away? Does porn viewing conflict with your value system, but you do it anyway? Do you spend way too much time exploring sexual opportunities online, in whatever form, and way too little (or no) time engaging in intimate sexual contact with another person? Do you think about sex too much…and avoid it at the same time, due to some form of fear? Do you consider your sexual needs bad, weak, or problematic—and/or do you find that sexual thoughts and desires lead to periods of shame and self-loathing?

Many men consider themselves to have sexual compulsive behaviors even though they have had no intimate sexual contact with another person. This is a problem for multiple reasons, not the least of which is that these men are depriving themselves of meaningful, healthy sexual expression. If pornography and solitary sexual pursuits have become compulsive, it’s time to 1) stop the behaviors that are not working to satisfy authentic sexual needs and, 2) begin to explore actual authentic sexual intimacy, which is what most men (and people) really desire. Stop being a sex addict that avoids sex!

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