Reintegrate With Trust


Reintegration is an exciting time at Prescott House as these men begin to find themselves heading back into society. Life-Skills are key to the reintegration phase and are achieved by adding back in responsibilities. Volunteering, working or going to school allows the skills and boundaries learned to be utilized in a healthy and new approach. Individuals give back to the community through volunteering at the local soup kitchen or helping disabled veterans. By becoming a productive member of society, individuals develop self-sufficiency through jobs and furthering their education.

Community Reintegration

While groups and meetings help build character in the community, being responsible and accountable is a large part of becoming independent and successful during our program. For those nearing graduation, the final tools necessary for a positive future are learned through our life skills program. Utilizing these motivational tools is essential to continuing each individual’s successful journey.


  • Local Volunteering
  • Job Search
  • Advanced Education
  • Family Sessions
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