Signs of Sex Addiction: Are You an Addict?

Developing A Healthy Sex Life

There’s nothing wrong with a healthy sex life.

In fact, it can be an important cornerstone of a couple’s relationship.

Beyond shoring up a partnership, sex can do a lot of things for you health-wise.

Having sex on the regular can boost your immune system, reduce your response to pain and acts as a great stress reliever, just to name a few benefits.

Although you might love being with your partner and feel like you can’t get enough, there is a point where it can spiral out of control.

Just like any other behavior, from doing hard drugs to overeating, people can feel addicted to sex.

When Pleasure Becomes A Disease

Addiction is described as a dysfunctional reward system in the brain.

It’s a disease of the mind where individuals are motivated to seek out whatever reward they feel they need at the cost of everything else, in some cases, even their life.

This heartbreaking issue needs to be met head-on with clear eyes, an open heart, and an understanding mind.

Let’s review some signs of sex addiction to determine if you or a loved one needs to seek help.

You Can’t Stop Thinking About It

You might be in the honeymoon phase of a new relationship and fantasize about the clock striking 5 PM so you can rush home and be with your partner.

We’ve all been there, and there’s nothing wrong with it.

It becomes a bigger problem when you can’t concentrate on anything other than sex, or thoughts about sex become intrusive.

You Sneak Around

You watch porn all the time – and hide it everywhere.

You’re going behind your partner’s back and cheating on them.

You hide or lie about your sexual activities.

Being caught in a web of lies is one of the serious signs of sex addiction.

You’re Out Of Control

Your needs frequently won’t wait until you can satisfy them.

You feel a compulsion that begins to control you and define all of your actions.

Your Relationships Are In Shambles

When you’re suffering from sex addiction, all of your relationships fall apart because you’re acting out of control.

It’s not just your romantic relationships, either.

When the signs of sex addiction take over, you’ll neglect your family and friends just to get your fix.

You Need More And More To Feel Satisfied

Just like those with drug addiction build up a tolerance, those with sex addiction need more to scratch that itch.

It might start with marathon masturbation sessions that then go to multiple partners and on to increasingly dangerous or depraved sex acts.

Do You Or a Loved One Fit The Signs Of Sex Addiction?

Did any of these signs ring a bell? If so, it might be time to talk to a certified sex addiction therapist.

There’s no need to suffer in shame; there are those ready and willing to help you during this difficult time.

Take control of your life, mend your relationships and get back on track. It’s never too late!

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