Sober Living Houses—Therapies For Addiction

Sober Living Houses

Sober living houses provide safe places for addicts to reconstruct their lives once they begin the process of recovery. These houses are usually alcohol and drug-free environments that the residents of all have a common desire to recover. They usually fall in line with 12-step programs and its residences are required to attend a certain amount of meetings per week. “Retention of residents in the sober living houses was excellent. Average lengths of stay in both types of sober living houses surpassed the National Institute on Drug Abuse recommendation of at least 90 days to maintain maximum benefit, the average length of stay here was 254 days”, (Polcin, Korcha, Bond & Galloway, p. 428)

Clean organized sober living housing.
Sober Living Houses—Therapies For Addiction

It is clear that not one of the therapies mentioned are the only solution to recovery from addiction. It is also clear that success rates are higher when more than one of the many interventions are utilized in recovery from addiction. Almost all of the mentioned therapies either compare or suggest the addition of 12-step programs into the selected intervention. It is suggested that an addict that is trying to recover simply try with the help of a 12-step community. If unsuccessful, other treatment modalities (some of which are mentioned here), can be implemented in conjunction with the 12-step program. As stated earlier, if an addict is an agnostic or atheist, he or she may have a difficult time in grasping a 12-step program and in this case, other methods of achieving recovery should be explored.

A photo of Prescott House Primary Therapist, Chris Sobel.

by Chris Sobel – Primary Therapist BHT

Chris has been part of the Prescott House team since 2005 and an active member in the recovery community in Prescott since 2002. In his work with each client, he brings forthrightness, inspiring life experience, and a commitment to helping men recover from addiction. Chris has many passions including golf and NY Mets baseball, and most importantly, spending time with his wife and two daughters.
Chris is also an amazing cook! Try some of his recipes: Easy Pozole | Watermelon Salad

*Polcin, D. L., Korcha, R., Bond, J., & Galloway, G. (2010). What Did We Learn from Our Study on Sober Living Houses and Where Do We Go from Here?. Journal Of Psychoactive Drugs, 42(4), 425-433.

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