Upcoming Events at the Prescott House

Upcoming Events

There are many upcoming events at the Prescott House that we want to share with everyone. The Alumni Page of our website will be reserved for information about not only upcoming events directly related to the Prescott House, but also recovery events throughout the Prescott area and northern Arizona.

One of the many things that has made the Prescott House such a special place is the strong alumni network that continues to be involved in Prescott House happenings. Over the years our alumni community has truly become a global support network.


The largest annual Prescott House events is our Alumni Golf Tournament and BBQ. The Alumni Golf Tournament and BBQ will be scheduled for the same time as the Prescott Area Alcoholic Anonymous’ Annual Round-up Weekend. It is a great recovery focused weekend that we see many of our alumni attend.

As we get closer to the summer, there will be more updates on when exactly the Alumni Weekend will happen. Stay tuned for more Prescott House recovery news and events.

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