Veteran’s Day 2018 – A Time To Remember Our Heroes

Thank You To All Veterans & Military Families

Prescott House is grateful for the service of all military men and women along with the support of their families. With their dedication, Prescott House is able to continue to raise our American flag. Throughout the United States, November 11th is a way for us to remember our both living and past heroes.

Providing Veterans With Drug Addiction Awareness

War veterans and service members face traumatic events throughout their active duty, many dealing with PTSD.

Taken from or Blog: Drug Addiction & Military Veterans
Veterans typically self-medicate with drugs to suppress memories of war or to deal with insomnia. The avoidance of these issues also causes many veterans to begin isolating…read more

It is important to help these men and women address these issues. Prescott House has many programs to assist in trauma resolution as well as substance abuse issues. Reach out to us to talk about how we can provide these services @ (866) 425-4673.

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