Evolving and Resolving Men’s Issues

Established in 1988, Prescott House has become known as the go-to destination for men needing extended care treatment. Serving as a residential rehabilitation facility for men from all walks of life, Prescott House provides intensive recovery treatment for addiction as well as other life hindering issues.

Long-Term Results Since 1988

Since 1988 Prescott House has provided personalized reintegration services to men and their families across the United States and Worldwide. Heading into our 30th year, we have proven that long-term recovery is best achieved through a therapeutic treatment environment. Prescott House is committed to providing precisely that: excellent clinical care in a close-knit recovery community. This commitment is founded on a firm belief in the recovery of the mind, body, and spirit…read more

Admissions Team

Our Admissions Team are also graduates of the Prescott House Program. Empathetic during this difficult time Mike Mc and Zach L’s knowledge of the Prescott House helps integrate individuals and provide families with information and expectation…read more

Program Timeline & Schedule

Creating a stuctured program for each individual, Prescott House has had incredible success with our Phase One introduction. For incoming individuals, our staff meets one on one to develop a personal relationship, establishing the trust necessary for our program to be successful. This helps individuals to adjust to their new surroundings while our clinical staff develops a personalized treatment program…read more

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