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Program for Men

At Prescott House, our men only treatment program develops self-awareness, trust, and the tools to a healthy and productive future. Men from all walks of life have successfully completed our program and gone on to accomplish their once seemingly unattainable goals. From MIT Graduates to CEO’s to Entrepreneurs, these men reinstill their beliefs and boundaries, once again finding a positive meaning and purpose to life.

Prescott house staff restoring mens lives
Restoring Men’s Lives

Areas of Focus

Prescott House focuses on a widespread of programs to address issues men from different walks of life face. Consisting of a diverse clinical staff, Prescott House is headed by our Medical Director, Dr. Fred Markham. A spiritual facilitator, with a Ph.D meets weekly and following up with individuals daily is a psychiatrist, psychologists, primary therapists (BHT), family focused therapists, along with several Certified Sex Addiction Therapists (CSAT). With therapeutic group therapy, our community-based model utilizes family-of-origin therapy and advanced educational groups. During daily groups, individuals are strengthened and promoted by the interactions in group sessions, receiving immediate evaluation and observation from therapists and peers. Programs addressing Process Addictions, Mental Health, Substance Abuse Disorders including Drug and Alcohol Addictions…read more

Extended Care for Men

Since 1988, Prescott House has served the recovery community as an extension of primary treatment. Offering individuals a positive environment and the time needed to heal. During our nearly 30 years of experience, Prescott House’s proven success…read more

Addiction Resources

Throughout the years, relevant information and data regarding addiction, treatment and after care, can change with modern developments. Our goal is to maintain this page as a database for the diverse amount of addiction and recovery subject material available…read more

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