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Throughout the years, relevant information and data regarding addiction, treatment and after care, can change with modern developments. Our goal is to maintain this page as a database for the diverse amount of addiction and recovery subject material available. There will always be more information available than we have listed or have researched. If you feel we should review specific source material, please email this information to us at and we will be sure to discuss adding here, on our resources page.

Diagnosis & Treatments

Use our online Sexual Addiction Screening Test – Revised (SAST-R)

From Alcoholism and Substance Abuse to Sex and Porn Addiction, Prescott House discusses how addictions begin, the dangers of long-term use and how our qualified staff can assist in overcoming these life altering issues.…read more

Meetings & After Care

Here we provide a database of known open A.A. meetings in our area to continue the work necessary during recovery and after care…read more

Audio & Video

Modern technology has evolved the mainstream way of providing content. Here we focus on acquiring audio files, podcasts, books on cd/tape, etc., as well as video files; vlogs, online video, DVD’s, VHS, etc…read more

Books & Reading

Developed from the feedback from clinicians, therapists and individuals involved in our program, check out our vitrual addiction library. The following literature has been suggested to read and reference during treatment and aftercare…read more

Glossary of Terms

From Alcoholism to Trauma, we provide definitions and elaborate on terms pertinent to rehabilitation.

Learn more at our Glossary

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