Recommended Material


Addiction: A HBO Documentary Film (4 DVDs)

A collaboration of addiction experts discuss drug and alcohol abuse and addiction.


  • HBO
  • 90 minute feature disc + 3 discs with 5 hours 26 minutes | August 21, 2012
Addiction and the Human Brain

Research discussing substance abuse and addiction.


  • Peter Cochran & Anson W. Schloat: Human Relations Media
  • 28 mimnutes | 2006

YouTube Videos

The Science of Relapse: HBO

Unconscious triggers and the desire to choose the wrong thing develops over time leading to addictive behaviors.

American Epidemic: The Nation’s Struggle With Opioid Addiction

Follow families affected from their children’s addiction and abuse of opioid’s from Fentanyl to Percocets.

THE MEN’S EVENT – Parts 1-7

Great self-reflection on how he became humble, shameless and secure in himself.

Intimacy Disorder and Sexual Addiction

Dr. Frye talks on how intiamcy and trouble connecting in interpersonal relationships develops into sex addiction.

Testimony of a Man Who Was Addicted to Sex and Pornography

Jonathan reflects on his interent pornography that led to his sexual addiction and eventually the separation from his wife.

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