Depression Trauma & Self-Medicating

Experiencing trauma, whether physically or mentally can lead to regret, disdain and places a burden on the unknown future of one’s life. Facing the fact that life will now be altered by the preceding events can often time lead to a depressive state. This depression further deteriorates the “quality of life”. While depression is a treatable illness, many while attempting to find the resolution to depression, can lead many down the road of self-medicating.

Survival Mode

Physical disabilities painfully challenge individuals who attempt to maintain a lifestyle. Some have described this as “survival mode” and begin self-medicating to offset the daily pain. These ailments can also lead to several surgeries which can cause further pain and complications. Finding the correct medical provider to understand how important the proper medications and what the current ailments are to overcome. Finding Trauma Resolution at Prescott House is an essential part of the recovery process

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