Why We Care

Men Helping Other Men Recover

Our community promotes men to restore the confidence in themselves while also building healthy relationships with those around them. This interaction provides a bond like no other with the staff that has been through the recovery program and those that are on their way to a healthy and addiction free life.

Recovery Philospohy

Assisted by professional therapy and education, Prescott House enhances the personal growth of each individual. With a community focus on an intense group setting, this accountability develops men into respectful and thoughtful individuals, as seen from our positive results…read more


Providing explanations for terminology used in the recovery community. These definitions and write-ups aim to help present more depth to our information…read more


Covering modern topics and current trends that are encountered through our work and outreach with individuals that have more recently been affected by addiction and substance abuse. These informative articles provide a way for us to present new information as it comes to our attention…read more

Social Media

Our philosophy and recovery model is expressed through our different forms of social interaction. From excursions and adventures to speaking at events, we aim to share our experiences with the world. Here you will also find reviews and feedback from alumni and family members…read more

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