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Prescott House, a residential extended care treatment facility for men, serves to provide intensive recovery treatment for addiction as well as other life problems. With the help of professional therapy and education, Prescott House enhances the personal growth of each individual.

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Modernized Reintegration Program

Since 1988, Prescott House has earned a reputation for success. Our experienced staff and their commitment to quality treatment increases your possibility for successful, long-term sobriety.

Rehabilitate With Care


Group Orientation
Medication Management
Awareness Workshops
Diet & Exercise Program

Reintegrate With Trust


Activities & Adventures
Family Sessions
Individualized Therapy
Personalized Routine

Restore With Life


Lifeskills Program
Advanced Education
Primary Therapist IOP
Motivational Tools

What Graduates Say

Heading into our 30th year of small town success, our commitment and determination to healthy reintegration continues to grow. As one of Prescott, Arizona’s first addiction treatment programs, we state with pride that our success is shown right here at the Prescott House. 95% of our staff members have graduated our program. Annually in July, we join in an graduate alumni bbq and golf tournament, with our first ever graduate having attended each and every year to date.
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Trauma Recovery Individual

Prescott House Graduate

"After my 30 Day primary treatment program, I was not ready to be back out on my own. Getting into Prescott House was stress-free and I learned how to manage my life again and live a sober lifestyle. Prescott House taught me how to practice recovery."

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Now Sober Drug & Alcohol Addict

Prescott House Graduate

"Thanks to Prescott House, I feel comfortable being me,
for the first time in my life, I am free from drug and alcohol addiction."

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Recovered Drug & Sex Addict

Prescott House Graduate

"My sex addiction had really ramped up and I was finding it more and more difficult to live any sort of life. For me, it was not about knowing what to do, but implementing those recovery tools I had learned throughout the years. The Prescott House provided me the therapeutic and community support that I needed to do recovery and I will be forever grateful!"

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