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Mental Health and Substance Use Disorders

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Drug Addiction & Dependence

Drug dependency is a systematic issue that affects millions of people worldwide, regardless of the specific substance being used. The effects of drug dependence on the body and mind can vary depending on the drug in question, but the process of addiction and dependence remains the same.

Drugs that are commonly abused include alcohol, prescription drugs, and illicit substances such as cocaine, marijuana, and heroin. Each of these drugs has unique effects on the body, but the science behind drug dependency is universal.

The journey from casual drug use to addiction is often a slow and gradual one. As a person continues to use drugs, the body becomes dependent on the substance to maintain normal levels of hormones and chemicals that were once released naturally. When the drug is taken away, the body experiences withdrawal effects, which can be painful and disorienting.

Alcoholism & Alcohol Dependence

Alcohol is a widely used substance, with millions of people around the world consuming it in various forms. However, what starts as a casual drink can often turn into repeated use or even dependence.

When someone becomes dependent on alcohol, their body starts to depend on it in order to maintain baseline levels of chemicals and hormones that once provided a feeling of euphoria. Over time, these chemicals become necessary just to function and stopping alcohol consumption can lead to painful and disorienting withdrawal effects.

Alcohol dependence affects not only the body, but also the mind. Although the effects of alcohol may vary depending on the individual and the amount consumed, prolonged and excessive alcohol use can lead to physical, psychological, and social consequences. These may include liver damage, depression, and strained relationships.

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Sex Addiction Treatment

Since 1988, Prescott House has been a pioneer in sex addiction treatment and provides 4 Certified Sex Addiction Therapists to provide the therapy needed to heal. There is not one specific factor that can be pinpointed to cause sexual addiction, there are many psychological, biological, and social factors that have been found to contribute to and enable this addiction. Proudly utilizing Dr. Carnes’ Thirty-Task Model, Prescott House helps treat men struggling with sexually compulsive behaviors. Operating in a therapeutic environment allows individuals to positively manage their addiction recovery. Utilizing self-esteem building tools for confidence, an overall sense of self-control is developed while re-entering the stream of life.

Certified Sex Addiction Therapists

An in-depth sex addiction treatment program has been developed and headed by four Certified Sex Addiction Therapists (CSATs). Client support is provided through 12-step program attendance with positive community involvement and comradery.

Signs of Sex Addiction

Co-Occurring Substance Abuse

Some individuals may turn to the use of drugs, alcohol, or a combination of both in an attempt to conceal or rationalize their sex addiction, but it’s important to understand that these substances do not provide a true solution to the underlying issue and can actually lead to more problems and complications in the long run.

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Risky Sexual Behaviors

Hiring escorts or sex workers to fulfill sexual desires can be seen as risky sexual behavior, as it can lead to STDs, STIs and legal consequences while also having negative impacts on mental and emotional health.

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Obsessed Ideation of Sex

Excessive and persistent thoughts and fixation on sex that may negatively impact one’s personal and professional life. It can lead to a distorted perception of reality and result in detrimental behavior patterns and decision-making.

Multiple Sexual Partners

Having multiple sexual partners through the use of dating apps or while in a committed relationship can be a sign of sex addiction. This behavior can lead to a constant need for novelty and an intense focus on sexual gratification, often at the expense of meaningful connections and relationships and lead to feelings of guilt and shame.

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Sex Shame and Guilt

Individuals who engage in compulsive sexual behaviors may experience feelings of shame and guilt as a result. These negative emotions can contribute to the development of depression and anxiety, further compounding the challenges associated with compulsive sexual behavior. Shame can also be associated with compulsive masturbation and pornogrpahy use.

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Types of Sex Addicts

Promiscuous Sex Addict

Preoccupation with sexual encounters that often involve multiple partners, especially when they are in a committed relationship. Often considered to be compulsive this can have a significant impact on an individual’s personal and professional life leading to feelings of guilt, shame, and fear, as well as negative consequences for relationships and reputation.

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Pornography Sex Addict

A pornography sex addict is someone who becomes addicted to watching porn, cam performers, or other forms of sexual media. They may become so consumed with this habit that they neglect social or marital relationships.

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Fantasy Sex Addict

People who engage in obsessive sexual fantasies may do so as a means of suppressing past traumatic experiences or abuse. These fantasies can become all-consuming, affecting the individual’s relationships, work, and daily life.

Love Sex Addict

A love sex addict is someone who seeks intense romantic experiences and engages in multiple relationships, often at a fast pace. They may do so to fulfill a need for a sense of belonging, a desire for attention and validation, or to escape feelings of loneliness or emptiness. This can often coincide with attachment and intimacy disorders.

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Exhibitionist Sex Addict

Experiencing a rush from exposing themselves in public or performing sexually in front of others. Voyeurism, the act of observing others for sexual pleasure, is often intertwined with exhibitionism, as the addict seeks out new and daring opportunities for exhibitionism. Over time, their behavior becomes increasingly risky and compulsive, leading them to seek out new and daring opportunities for exhibitionism.

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Prescott House Modality

What sets Prescott House far ahead of many other leading programs and facilities is our effective focus with a combination of individual therapy, group therapy, and structured community re-integration. Therapeutic modalities used at the Prescott House include evidence-based techniques such as Motivational Interviewing, Cognitive Behavior Therapy (CBT), Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT), and Psychodrama Therapies, and Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR).

Sexual addiction screening

Sexual Addiction Screening allows individuals along with CSAT licensed trained professionals to develop an understanding of the extent of ones sexual compulsive behaviors.

Family & Alumni Reviews

Prescott House
Based on 34 Reviews
Asher H.
Asher H.
2023-01-24 11:07:11
Sean m.
Sean m.
2022-12-06 15:19:26
Melissa B.
Melissa B.
2022-07-26 12:36:15
Aze A.
Aze A.
2020-11-24 23:06:31
Mark C.
Mark C.
2019-12-25 23:05:31
Adam S.
Adam S.
2019-11-08 12:31:15
Aubrey R.
Aubrey R.
2019-08-13 10:34:01
John B.
John B.
2019-05-17 14:14:25
Based on 62 reviews
Dan Callahan
Dan Callahan
This is undoubtedly the best addiction treatment center in the nation. Prescott house does it right, they are professional and caring. The therapists are knowledgeable in the field of addiction and insightful! They assisted my family when we needed it most and they came through when others didn’t. My son recently celebrated 13 months drug and alcohol free! Thank you Prescott House team!
Christian Anderson
Christian Anderson
If you're looking for a fresh start and a life building experience. This is the place. Not only is the town of Prescott a beautiful town, the staff at Prescott House are welcoming and clearly have a passion for what they do. I arrived at the Prescott House at the start of 2021 and stayed for both the inpatient and outpatient (aftercare) program. The experienced and professional staff helped me look into things that I never thought of and turn me on to a much more healthy life style.
Elizabeth Galbiso
Elizabeth Galbiso
This is a wonderful location for men, looking for long term sobriety. The staff at the center, truly do care for the patients, they are also treated like family. The staff will go out of their way, to make the men feel welcome and at home. They will receive wonderful treatment and counseling, with a clinical team. The staff will also do whatever possible to help the men out financially, if possible. I would highly recommend this treatment center for any man, truly looking for recovery.
Ian Henyon
Ian Henyon
I went to Prescott House a broken man. I didn’t want to go and I didn’t think I needed it. Thank goodness my parents were strong enough to hold that boundary with me. It was the hardest thing I’ve ever done, but this program provided me the structure and therapy I needed to live a better life where I was no longer a slave to substance use. I will forever be grateful for everyone at Prescott House.
Laura Herrmann
Laura Herrmann
As an employee of a high acuity detox in Arizona, I love working with the Prescott House! The entire staff are alumni of the facility, so they have the expertise and life experience that really makes the difference between the Prescott House and other long term treatment centers in the country. The work they do is nothing short of a miracle!
Kyle Wells
Kyle Wells
This place saved life. It was it easy by any means but it was exactly what I needed. I can here after I did a 45 inpatient treatment facility and this place really helped me further my recovery. He also helped me get reintegrated into society so when I was able to leave getting a job wasn’t as stressful or anything of that nature. All the staff and counselors are awesome. The meetings out in that area are great, there is not one you can’t find and sometime of the day. If you are planning on a year or so treatment facility for transitional living I would suggest AFTER a 29-45 inpatient program I would suggest P-House, call and reach out to Geoff Patterson and he will guide you in the right direction! If I could give this place more that 5 starts I would!!!! 10 ⭐️!
Dan Schneider
Dan Schneider
Without Prescott House, I would be in jail, an institution, and surely dead. They taught me how to live life on life's terms, not my own. Thank you for helping me save me from myself!
Roderick Brown
Roderick Brown
I can’t thank The P House enough for what it did in my journey. I was in my late forties when I walked into the house. My life had crumbled all around me and I wanted to change my behaviors. After 30 days in a treatment center, I knew I needed something more to make a real change but didn’t know what that would look like. The Prescott House was recommended and after some quick research I committed to 3 months. I left my family and kids to take the chance to change my life. Needless to say, 7 months later, I completed the recovery program they had set for me, and I needed every day of it. Recovery is not a course or a quick fix, it’s a commitment and in my case lots of humility which I was reminded daily I had very little of…lol That was nearly 5 years ago. I reflect back and at times question why I went to the P house and just didnt get sober thru AA or other recovery programs @ home. I never come up with great answers but I am almost 5 yrs sober and I quietly say Thank You P House, it works!
Benjamin Tuttle
Benjamin Tuttle
The Prescott House saved my life.  I had struggled with addiction and mental illness for most of my adult life and when I arrived at the P House  I was desperate for help.  When I arrived I was shocked by the circumstances I had found myself in, but the professionalism, friendliness, and competency of the staff helped the transition be as smooth as possible.  The community of men was always supportive and welcoming and the quality of therapy was unparalleled.  At the P House I learned to shed my shame and also learned to love myself and others by feeling fully accepted by everyone in the community.  I honestly can't recommend the program enough - it works if you work it!
Jane G
Jane G
I had a strong response to this Spring’s news of a pandemic: Our adult son is not on the street. The thought came to me again and again. Our adult son is not on the street. He is safe. He is healthy. He has the love of a good woman and a precious son. He is serving others as an essential worker. His father and I cannot imagine these last years being possible without his stay at Prescott House. Short-term rehab had not been enough to allow him to heal and begin the journey to the man he is today. The skillful staff at Prescott House provided a living model of life in recovery and the structure and support to pass their knowledge on to our son. They supported us as parents with compassion and gave us hope.

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Preliminary Assessments

    Sexual Addiction Screening

    Prescott House has been a pioneer of love, relationship and sex addiction treatment for men since 1997, we proudly utilize Dr. Carnes’ Thirty-Task Model to help treat men struggling with sexually compulsive behaviors.

    ACEs Trauma Assessment

    Traumatic events during childhood and development ages have been well researched and documented to have a lasting effect on an individual’s life.
    By utilizing the ACEs assessment, clinicians and mental health professionals are able to establish at-risk behaviors and lifestyle choices.

    Am I Alcoholic Screening Test

    Casual use doesn't always lead to addictive behavior. For a relatively small percentage of us however, using in moderation is not an option. Frequent abuse of large quantities or binging, leads to habitual and addictive behavior.

    Opioid Risk Tool

    Addressing the dependency on Opiates or Heroin, Prescott House is a great first step to recovery. Our extended care facility has handled numerous heroin addiction cases, and has an outstanding treatment record among those most affected by the drug, and their loved ones.

    Mental Health Screening

    It is often difficult to determine the exact cause of a substance abuse problem or a mental illness in a person who has a dual diagnoses. In some instances, substance abuse is brought on by an existing mental illness, as an individual attempts to “self medicate”.

    Have Questions? Get Answers

    Speak with Director of Admissions, Jim Coombs, for an open line of communication. Tim is prepared to answer the difficult questions surrounding addiction and treatment. His understanding tone and individual approach develops candid conversations within each and every phone call.

    Modernized Reintegration Program

      Rehabilitate With Care

      PHASE 1


      • Group Orientation
      • Medication Management
      • Awareness Workshops
      • Diet & Exercise Programs

      Rejuvenate With Life

      PHASE 2


      • Activities & Adventures
      • 12-Step Principles
      • Art Therapy
      • Psychoeducation

      Reintegrate With Trust

      PHASE 3


      • Volunteering
      • Family Sessions
      • Job Search
      • Furthering Education
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