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Mental Health and Substance Use Disorders

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Drug Addiction & Alcoholism Treatment

Prescott House is unique in its mixed group and individual therapy method. New patients meet with a professional to gauge their addiction and work towards a resolution. Individuals are highly encouraged to attend their group meetings. Members can share experiences and grow together with this therapy program. Addiction in any form is treated as a medical issue, not a deviant lifestyle.

Drug Addiction & Alcoholism can be treated
Drug Addiction & Alcoholism Can be Successfully Treated
Effects of Dependence on the Body & Mind

While many drugs have decidedly unique effects on the body – the mind in particular – the science behind addiction and dependence is distinctly systematic in that, no matter the drug, the way in which dependence works is the same.

What starts as casual experimentation with drugs and alcohol, often turns into repeated use or even addiction.

Once you reach this stage, your body starts to depend on the drug in order to maintain baseline levels of the same naturally occurring chemicals and hormones that one left you feeling “high.” Now, these chemicals are required just to function and a cease in using often leads to painful and disorienting withdrawal effects.

The science behind drug dependency is the same regardless of the actual substance, but it’s important to understand some of the most common drugs and how they affect users outside of the addiction itself.

Bringing up the Conversation

An intervention may be necessary or just a simple sit-down conversation to bring these issues to the forefront. Each person who is struggling with this behavior is an individual who may be at a different point in their addiction than someone else. Prescott House can pinpoint their specific needs.

Sex Addiction Treatment

Since 1988, Prescott House has been a pioneer in sex addiction treatment and provides 4 Certified Sex Addiction Therapists to provide the therapy needed to heal. There is not one specific factor that can be pinpointed to cause sexual addiction, there are many psychological, biological, and social factors that have been found to contribute to and enable this addiction. Proudly utilizing Dr. Carnes’ Thirty-Task Model, Prescott House helps treat men struggling with sexually compulsive behaviors. Operating in a therapeutic environment allows individuals to positively manage their addiction recovery. Utilizing self-esteem building tools for confidence, an overall sense of self-control is developed while re-entering the stream of life.

It's easy to find validation for dismissing sex and porn addiction as excuses or compulsions.
Through Therapy You are Not Alone with Sex Addiction
Certified Sex Addiction Therapists

An in-depth sex addiction treatment program has been developed and headed by four Certified Sex Addiction Therapists (CSATs). Client support is provided through 12-step program attendance with positive community involvement and comradery.

Prescott House Modality

What sets Prescott House far ahead of many other leading programs and facilities is our effective focus with a combination of individual therapy, group therapy, and structured community re-integration. Therapeutic modalities used at the Prescott House include evidence-based techniques such as Motivational Interviewing, Cognitive Behavior Therapy (CBT), Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT), and Psychodrama Therapies, and Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR).

Sexual Addiction Screening Banner

Sexual Addiction Screening allows individuals along with CSAT licensed trained professionals to develop an understanding the extent of ones sexual compulsive behaviors.

Signs of Sex Addiction

Co-Occurring Substance Abuse

Some may use drugs, alcohol, or both in an attempt to mask or reason their sex addiction.
Read More about Co-Occuring Disorders

Risky Sexual Behaviors

Hiring escorts, prostitutes, or other sex workers to keep up with the sexual desires.
Read More about STD and STI Risks

Obsessed Ideation of Sex

Thinking and obsessing over the next sexual encounter, many times affecting personal and professional life.

Multiple Sexual Partners

Using dating apps to hook up or persuing sexual relationships on the side of their current partner.
Read More about Tinder or Grindr Addiction

Sex Shame and Guilt

Developing depression and anxiety around compulsive sexual behaviors.
Read More about the Impact of Isolation on Addiction

Types of Sex Addicts

Promiscuous Sex Addict

Preoccupied with sexual encounters that include multiple partners, usually when in a committed relationship.
Read More about the Effects of Sex Addiciton on Relationships

Pornography Sex Addict

Secluded from social or marital relationships to watch porn, cam performers, or other sex media.
Read More about the Science Behind Pornography Addiction

Fantasy Sex Addict

Often to suppress past trauma or abuse, the obsessive sex fantasies are consuming.

Love Sex Addict

In and out of fast-moving relationships to achieve a sense of belonging or desire.
Read More about Lack of Intimacy and Empathy

Exhibitionist Sex Addict

Voyeurism or exhibitionism gets increasingly risky over time to feel a rush.
Read More about Exhibitionist Addiction

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Preliminary Assessments

    Sexual Addiction Screening

    Prescott House has been a pioneer of love, relationship and sex addiction treatment for men since 1997, we proudly utilize Dr. Carnes’ Thirty-Task Model to help treat men struggling with sexually compulsive behaviors.

    ACEs Trauma Assessment

    Traumatic events during childhood and development ages have been well researched and documented to have a lasting effect on an individual’s life.
    By utilizing the ACEs assessment, clinicians and mental health professionals are able to establish at-risk behaviors and lifestyle choices.

    Am I Alcoholic Screening Test

    Casual use doesn't always lead to addictive behavior. For a relatively small percentage of us however, using in moderation is not an option. Frequent abuse of large quantities or binging, leads to habitual and addictive behavior.

    Opioid Risk Tool

    Addressing the dependency on Opiates or Heroin, Prescott House is a great first step to recovery. Our extended care facility has handled numerous heroin addiction cases, and has an outstanding treatment record among those most affected by the drug, and their loved ones.

    Mental Health Screening

    It is often difficult to determine the exact cause of a substance abuse problem or a mental illness in a person who has a dual diagnoses. In some instances, substance abuse is brought on by an existing mental illness, as an individual attempts to “self medicate”.

    Have Questions? Get Answers

    Speak with Director of Admissions, Tim Scanlan, for an open line of communication. Tim is prepared to answer the difficult questions surrounding addiction and treatment. His understanding tone and individual approach develops candid conversations within each and every phone call.

    Modernized Reintegration Program

      Rehabilitate With Care

      PHASE 1


      • Group Orientation
      • Medication Management
      • Awareness Workshops
      • Diet & Exercise Programs

      Rejuvenate With Life

      PHASE 2


      • Activities & Adventures
      • 12-Step Principles
      • Art Therapy
      • Psychoeducation

      Reintegrate With Trust

      PHASE 3


      • Volunteering
      • Family Sessions
      • Job Search
      • Furthering Education


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