Am I An Alcoholic Screening Test

Developed by the National Council on Alcoholism and Drug Dependence Inc., this screening test offers insights into one's potential alcoholism or dependence. Understand your drinking habits and identify possible warning signs.

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Introduction to the Alcoholism Self-Assessment

Alcoholism can be a stealthy and powerful adversary, with roots in personal, family, and environmental factors. This updated screening tool aims to shed light on patterns of alcohol consumption that might be detrimental. Designed for both individuals and professionals, the assessment captures a holistic view of one's relationship with alcohol.

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1. Do you try to avoid family or close friends while you are drinking?
2. Do you drink heavily when you are disappointed, under pressure or have had a quarrel with someone?
3. Can you handle more alcohol now than when you first started to drink?
4. Have you ever been unable to remember part of the previous evening, even though your friends say you didn't pass out?
5. When drinking with other people, do you try to have a few extra drinks when others won't know about it?
6. Do you sometimes feel uncomfortable if alcohol is not available?
7. Are you more in a hurry to get your first drink of the day than you used to be?
8. Do you sometimes feel a little guilty about your drinking?
9. Has a family member or close friend expressed concern or complained about your drinking?
10. Have you been having more memory blackouts recently?
11. Do you often want to continue drinking after your friends say they've had enough?
12. Do you usually have a reason for the occasions when you drink heavily?
13. When you're sober, do you sometimes regret things you did or said while drinking?
14. Have you tried switching brands or drinks, or following different plans to control your drinking?
15. Have you sometimes failed to keep promises you made to yourself about controlling or cutting down on your drinking?
16. Have you ever had a DWI driving while intoxicated or DUI driving under the influence of alcohol violation, or any other legal problem related to your drinking?
17. Are you having more financial, work, school, and/or family problems as a result of your drinking?
18. Has your physician ever advised you to cut down on your drinking?
19. Do you eat very little or irregularly during the periods when you are drinking?
20. Do you sometimes have the shakes in the morning and find that it helps to have a little drink, tranquilizer or medication of some kind?
21. Have you recently noticed that you can't drink as much as you used to?
22. Do you sometimes stay drunk for several days at a time?
23. After periods of drinking do you sometimes see or hear things that aren't there?
24. Have you ever gone to anyone for help about your drinking?
25. Do you ever feel depressed or anxious before, during or after periods of heavy drinking?
26. Have any of your blood relatives ever had a problem with alcohol?
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Download the Am I Alcoholic Screening Test – Updated PDF

*Submission of this assessment does not qualify nor exclude you from our Drug and Alcohol Rehabilitation Program.This is provided as a preliminary screening to assess the extent of current and past alcoholism.


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Alcohol Screening Test FAQs

What is an alcohol screening test?

FAQ | Prescott House

An alcohol screening test is a tool designed to assess an individual’s drinking habits and determine whether they may have an alcohol use disorder or be at risk for developing one. It helps identify patterns of alcohol consumption and assesses the potential negative consequences associated with drinking.

Why should I take an alcohol screening test?

FAQ | Prescott House

Taking an alcohol screening test can provide valuable insights into your drinking habits and help you understand whether your alcohol consumption is within healthy limits. It can also identify potential risks or problems associated with your drinking and guide you toward seeking appropriate help or making necessary changes.

How does an alcohol screening test work?

FAQ | Prescott House

An alcohol screening test typically consists of a series of questions that assess various aspects of your alcohol consumption. These questions may inquire about the frequency and quantity of your drinking, any negative consequences or problems experienced due to alcohol, and your personal perception of your drinking habits. Your answers are evaluated to determine the likelihood of an alcohol use disorder or the need for further evaluation.

Are alcohol screening tests accurate?

FAQ | Prescott House

Alcohol screening tests can provide a preliminary assessment of your alcohol consumption and potential risks. While they are generally reliable, they are not definitive diagnostic tools. If your screening test indicates a potential issue, it’s recommended to seek a comprehensive evaluation from a healthcare professional for a more accurate diagnosis.

How can I access an alcohol screening test?

FAQ | Prescott House

Alcohol screening tests are widely available and can be accessed through various sources. You can find them online on reputable websites, or you may consult with a healthcare professional who can administer the test in person. Additionally, many alcohol addiction support organizations or helplines offer free screening tests over the phone.

Can an alcohol screening test be taken anonymously?

FAQ | Prescott House

Yes, many alcohol screening tests can be taken anonymously to ensure your privacy, maintain confidentiality, allowing you to obtain results and guidance without disclosing personal information.

What should I do if an alcohol screening test suggests a problem?

FAQ | Prescott House

If an alcohol screening test suggests a potential issue with your drinking habits, it’s important to seek further evaluation and support. Consider reaching out to a healthcare professional, such as a doctor or addiction specialist, who can provide a comprehensive assessment and recommend appropriate treatment options or interventions.

Can an alcohol screening test help me determine if I need treatment?

FAQ | Prescott House

While an alcohol screening test can indicate whether you may have an alcohol use disorder or be at risk, it is not a substitute for a professional diagnosis. However, it can serve as an essential first step in recognizing potential problems and prompting you to seek further evaluation from a qualified healthcare professional who can determine the need for treatment based on a comprehensive assessment of your situation.

Do urine drug screens test for alcohol?

FAQ | Prescott House

Standard urine drug screens typically do not test for alcohol. Urine drug screens are primarily designed to detect the presence of specific drugs or their metabolites in the urine, such as illicit substances like cocaine, marijuana, opioids, amphetamines, and benzodiazepines.

Can glucose affect an alcohol screening test?

FAQ | Prescott House

Glucose consumption should not significantly affect the results of an alcohol screening test. Alcohol screening tests typically aim to detect the presence of ethanol or its metabolites in the body, which is not influenced by glucose levels.