5 New Year’s Resolutions that Help You Stay Sober from Addiction

A reassessment of personal goals and outlook on life is a healthy approach to the New Year. Every year following the holidays, we hear from several individuals who have gone back to using drugs and/or alcohol, that had been clean and sober for months and even years. A lot of time this stems from reconnecting with loved ones and family that we had set boundaries with. Sometimes the past is brought up and the “remember when you”s can come back to haunt us during these times. While the tools we learn in recovery are powerful, it’s easy to fall back into old habits when you hear the negative opinions of those you trusted with revealing your addiction.

new years sober resolutions's Sober Resolutions

Here are 5 Ways to Get Back on Track for a Sober 2018:

  1. Assess Those Who Have a Positive/Negative Influence in Your Life
  2. Those you keep around you are many times the foundation for your perception and outlook on life and can affect your mood, motivation, and morals. Do these reflect some of the relationships you have?

      Are you still friends with a couple guys who you used drugs with?
      Does your ex-partner, who you are reconnecting with after achieving sobriety, remind you of traumatic events?
      Does a family member bring up your past addiction and use during get-togethers?
  3. Assess Your Current 12-Step or AA Meeting and Try Something Different
  4. Switching up the content you hear and express at meetings can bring new life and energy to your recovery. Have you been attending the same meeting for an extended amount of time?

      Get out of your comfort zone and find a new 12-Step or AA Meeting.
      Share your experiences at meetings and with your sponsor to keep reminding yourself of why this process is important.
      If you have completed your Steps, go back over the Steps that were difficult to complete and rework them or complete them to the fullest extent.
  5. Assess Your Exercise or Yoga Routine
  6. The results of exercise in recovery are proven to be very effective. Create a daily, weekly and/or monthly goal.

      Find a new gym or ask a friend what classes they are attending, ask to join to see if it catches your interest.
      Invite your significant other to a dance class or a hike at a local trail.
      Commit to at least 3 months of a workout schedule to make sure it keeps your interest.
  7. Assess Your Diet and Lifestyle
  8. Getting off to a good start each day is proven to be essential to a productivity.

      Look at what you eat every morning for breakfast, make sure it is healthy energy foods.
      Would a morning walk help to get the blood flowing and get you energized before work?
      Find a routine before and after work that fits in the time needed to produce positive results.
  9. Assess How Your Are Giving Back to the Recovery Community
  10. Whether sponsoring a newly sober individual or finding a way to donate time, giving back not only makes you stronger it also serves as an extension to your recovery.

      Is there a new guy at your 12-Step or AA meeting looking for a sponsor? See if you two are a good fit for accountability.
      Does a local clinic or sober house need help on the weekends or on your days off? Staying close to the foundation of recovery can help keep your personal goals in sight.
      Is there a cause you are passionate about? Maybe the local Animal Shelter, Soup Kitchen, or Park can use an extra set of hands and can help you down your path.

Do you have your New Year’s recovery resolutions ready for 2018?

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